After winning a title at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship in the Yamaha PW50 class, Brayton Kreglow moved up to the 51cc Senior classes for the 2019 season, bringing on a new challenge. The young rider out of Florida made rapid improvements over the course of the season and really began to find his flow in the latter half of the year, showing plenty of speed and producing an overall podium finish at The Motoplayground Race at Ponca City. Kreglow continued to progress over the next month or so and came into Mini Os with the top step of the podium in his crosshairs, grabbing a moto win on the outdoor track in addition to a couple of podium results. The eight-year-old continued to show improvements in his speed at Spring A Ding Ding this year with another moto win as he begins to also share some of his focus with the 65cc (7-9) Limited class. We got Brayton on the phone to have a quick chat about battling his buddies with nerf guns, learning to ride the bigger bike, and winning the KTM Junior Supercross Challenge in Tampa.



What have you been doing during the lockdown for the last few months?

Nothin', I've been riding and having fun.

Where have you been ridin' at?

I've been riding at Sunshine (State MX Park) and Moto X (Compound).

Have you been staying down at Moto X Compound lately?

Yeah, I've been having fun here training.

What was the riding situation like for you after racing got canceled? Did you take a bit of time off?

I rode a few small tracks and then came back to riding here at the Compound. I went around and rode my home tracks.

Do you have a track in your backyard or do you go out and ride local tracks?

I have local tracks that I go ride. We used to have a track in our backyard, but I got too big for it.

What have you been doing to have fun besides your riding and training?

I play video games, have nerf gunfights, and jump on the trampoline. I like to play the Supercross 3 game.

Are you excited Supercross is coming back at the end of the month?

Yeah, I'm really excited!


The 2019 racing season was a big year for you moving up to race against the older kids in the 51cc class. How's that challenge been for you?

It was really hard but it felt really good to win.

You got on the podium last year at The Motoplayground Race at Ponca City. Talk about your weekend there.

Yeah, it was really fun to ride at Ponca. The ruts were really deep and I tried really hard.

Mini Os brought on another podium finish and you also got a moto win there. How'd the week go for you at Gatorback?

It was nice to start winning again, it took a lot of hard work.

You've been doing a little bit of racing in the 65cc (7-9) class since then, when did you start training on that?

Ummm, maybe six months ago. After Loretta's last year.

How's it been learning the new bike?

I'm really small and it's not easy but I can still deal with it, I've grown a little bit.

Did you do any of the Supercross Futures or anything like that at the beginning of the year?

I went to Tampa and it was good. I won the KTM Challenge!


You did Supercross Futures and the KTM Challenge in the same weekend!?


Wow, that's impressive! What was it like racing on Saturday night in front of the crowd?

It was rough and I jumped three doubles, but it was fun! The crowd screamed when I came by.

You were on the podium this year at Spring A Ding Ding multiple times. Was it a good weekend for you down there?

Yeah, it went good but I wish I could've got 1st!

What do you think about the track layout at Underground?

Underground is really fun! It's really rough and it has some good sweepers.

Do you feel like it helps you going back onto the 50 after riding the 65?

Yeah, it feels like a toy.

What do you think about the Super Regionals this year for Loretta's?

Umm, it might turn out good but I don't really know.

What're your goals this year for Loretta's?

I'm goin' for a top ten in the 65cc (7-9) class and a 1st place in 51cc (7-8).

Are you going to be racing 65s only after Loretta's? Will it be nice to focus only on that?

Yeah, it'll definitely help me. I'm going to race the 65cc class full time and hopefully I can get a mod 65.