What’s your name and where are you from?

Noah Willbrandt (#54 and #523)  from Waterford, Michigan.

What classes do you race?

I just moved up from 125s to 250Fs this year and now race 250B and Schoolboy 2.

How did you get into motorcycles?

I started racing snocross when I was 3 years old. My dad bought me a PW to train on during the summer offseason.

Tell us about your first race.

My mom and dad took me to Baja Acres for practice that first summer and it turned out to be a race day. We didn't know much about MX racing but they entered me anyway and I won my first race.

What other sports do you like?

Snocross, snowboarding, wakeboarding.

Describe a typical day at the track for you.

Wake up and stretch, eat a light breakfast, watch motos before me to study lines and track conditions. Race my motos, clean my gear for the next day, and help with cleaning my bike or doing maintenance if needed. Then relax for dinner and head to bed early.

Favorite meal to have before you race?

I like steak and chicken on the grill. Maybe some pasta and veggies with it.

Best moment on a motocross bike?

Oh man, anytime I'm racing it's pretty good, but some of my best would be when I won my first National Championship last year at the Baja Brawl. I also got 2nd at MEC in October and 2nd at Daytona SX this past March, and I got a 3rd at the Ironman Pro National in the 125 All-Star race.

Best road trip story.

Drove all the way from Detroit to Vegas for MEC SX Futures last October with just my mom in our motovan. My dad had to work and flew out that Saturday morning. We hit a snowstorm in Colorado on the way and had a two-hour detour cause they closed the roads. That part sucked but it was fun just hanging with my mom for two days straight in the van.

What’s your favorite track to ride?

Redbud and High Point.

Who is your favorite professional racer and why?

Probably Chad Reed. I have a pic of me sitting on his lap when I was 2 years old. He was so cool to me. I followed him his whole career, plus he rode for Yamaha most of the time so that is way cool.

Who would you like to thank for helping you out?

Mom and Dad of course and the good Lord for giving me this opportunity to do what I love. My riding coach and mechanic, Matt Crown, for always taking care of me and my bikes. Tom Zielinski my personal fitness trainer and manager and all my sponsors over the years: Yamaha bLUcRU, MCR Suspensions, EVS, THOR, 6D, Dunlop, Decal Works, NoToil, Engine Ice, AMSOIL, Tamer Hole Shot, Illusive Gloves, ProTaper, Leatt, KLIM. Anyone else who has helped out all these years and Motoplayground, too, for being so rad all the time.