What’s your name and where are you from?

Neko Courey from Tarpon Spring, Florida.

What classes do you race?

250 B, 250 B Limited, 450 B

How did you get into motorcycles?

When I was 7, I became passionate about them due to Brian Deegan, but was playing football and did not start my dream until I was 15.

Tell us about your first race.

85cc Beginner Class at the Kenny Yoho i4MX Race. I placed 3rd and rode pretty solid for the skill level I was at, only being in the sport a little under a month at the time.

What other sports do you like?


Describe a typical day at the track for you.

As co-owner of Spyder MX Action Sports Complex in Wildwood, Florida, I start waking up and making a healthy breakfast. Then I go into our private gym for stretching and a little cardio to warm up, open the front gate, then I pull my bikes out and go over them and make sure everything is in line. Next, I get geared up and depending on the day of the week, I meet up with either Tim Ferry or Ben Riddle on the track and train for the next five hours. After practice, I wash the bike and eat my second lunch. Next, I get ready to work with some younger riders. After the track closes, I help till or water the track. I end the day with my work out and some good sleep

Favorite meal to have before you race?

Turkey bacon, eggs, toast, celery, orange, banana.

Best moment on a motocross bike?

My first Major National Title at Mini O’s SX in the 250 C class.

Best road trip story.

It definitely was when we were heading on that long journey to the Loretta Lynn National Championship. We had so many strange and funny encounters on the way traveling there.

What’s your favorite track to ride?

Spyder Mx Action Sports Complex in Wildwood, Florida. Reason: best soil, hardpack, tilled, race quality conditions and the layout is incredibly fun, and there are several tracks to choose from.

Who is your favorite professional racer and why?

Jeffrey Herlings. I like his style on and off the bike.

Who would you like to thank for helping you out?

100% my mom, dad, and sister. Tim Ferry, Ben Riddle, Kenny Yoho, and all the wonderful sponsors who have assisted me.