Alvin Hillan went out with a bang last year in the 65cc classes with multiple podiums and wins spread out across the 2019 racing season; finishing on the box at Spring A Ding Ding, Freestone, Cal Classic, Mammoth, and eventually Loretta Lynn’s. The young Californian showcased his speed by winning a moto in the 65cc (10-11) Limited class at the Ranch against the best competition in the country, providing him with loads of confidence as he began the transition to the 85cc classes full-time. Hillan had some success on the bigger bike throughout the early stages of 2019 and continued to make improvements, finding immediate success at Mini Os with a title on the supercross track. A crash left him with a sore back and affected his motos on the outdoor track as he was forced to wear a back brace, but he pushed through the pain nonetheless. Surprisingly enough, Hillan bounced back one week later at the AZ Open and raced in nearly flawless fashion, winning both of the classes that he contested to end the season. Unfortunately, he’s had a couple of injuries that have kept him off the gate at the beginning of the season but he’s currently on the mend and expects to be back on the bike in a couple of weeks. We had a quick convo with Alvin to get the rundown on his most recent injury, winning his title at Mini Os, and his goal for Loretta’s this season.


What have you been doing during the quarantine lately?

Not much, I've been playing some football and basketball but I hurt myself so I haven't been doing much right now. I crashed at the end of March, I was zoned out and I got swapped out and the footpeg took a chunk out of my leg. I had to have two surgeries on it.

Wow, that sounds pretty gnarly. What did you do when you were on the couch to keep yourself entertained?

Just play video games and watch YouTube. I like to play Supercross and Madden.

Who is your favorite NFL team?

The Bears.

So you're at the point now where you're able to move around on it and be active?

Yeah, I'm thinking I'll be able to get back on the bike in two or three weeks.

Are there some places close by where you'll be able to go ride? It seems some tracks are starting to open back up in California.

I don't know about the tracks, but in Bakersfield about an hour away we have some hills that we go ride in.


Do you prefer going out and riding in the hills compared to a motocross track?

Ummm, yeah I like going to the hills and finding your own tracks.

Have you been doing any exercise lately or are you just focusing on resting and recovering?

I've mainly been trying to rest, but I've still been doing push-ups and stuff like that.

Last year at Loretta's you ended your 65cc campaign with a moto win and an overall podium. How'd the week at the Ranch go from your perspective?

Yeah, it was fun! I got a decent start (in that moto) and then Landon crashed I believe, so after that I just got a good gap and pretty much held it. It's probably one of my favorite tracks, it's a lot deeper over there than it is in California.

How has it been only racing on the 85 now?

Yeah, it's a lot easier when you know what the bike is and you don't have to keep switching on and off. I'm a lot more focused on the 85 now.

You ended up doing well right off the bat with a title at Mini Os in SX. How did that race go for you?

It was fun! Me and (Drew) Adams were battling pretty much the whole race and then I just held it. I went over that one roller and I landed on my back, so I had to wear a brace on the motocross track and all the bumps hurt my back.


Obviously you healed up pretty quick because on the way home you snatched two titles at the AZ Open.

I had fun there. I had a couple of battles but I charged to the front and checked out some of 'em. In the last moto, I fought with Landin Pepperd and I crashed, so I got 2nd place but I still ended up winning both titles.

Were you able to do any Supercross Futures or anything at the beginning of the season?

I did the first round of Supercross Futures at A2 but my first moto I broke my wrist.

With MX Sports switching to the Super Regional format, are you going to be able to get back on the bike and get qualified?

Yeah, I hope so!

Which classes will you be contending this year at Loretta's and do you have any goals for yourself?

I'll probably race the 85cc (10-12) classes and I'd like to get a title!