Landen Gordon was a force to be reckoned with throughout the 2019 season in the 65cc ranks, regularly dominating the top step of the podium in the (10-11) and (7-11) classes at any given race across the country. The Californian claimed number one plates at Spring A Ding Ding, Freestone, Mammoth Mountain, Loretta Lynn’s, and finally capped off his 65cc campaign with a total of four titles at Mini Os. 2020 has allowed Gordon the opportunity to solely place his focus on his Suzuki RM85 which seems to be helping him find another level of speed. He managed to put together a couple of victories at a few of the Supercross Futures rounds on the west coast at the beginning of the season in addition to an overall podium in the 85cc (9-12) class at Spring A Ding Ding. We were able to hop on the phone with Landen while he was en route to go do some riding in San Miguel, California to get the scoop on what he’s been up to during the quarantine and how the racing season has been going.


How has the recent coronavirus pandemic affected your riding and training?

It hasn't really been affecting me that much. Just doing less riding, but I'm still putting in the work. We've been doing a lot more bike rides and I've been training at home, but other than that it's pretty much the same. I've been staying busy with my schoolwork and training.

Where have you been lately to get time on the bike?

Well, we just got a track built at our place so we've been riding there a lot. We've been going to the riverbed a lot lately, too.

How have you been occupying the extra downtime that you've had lately?

Yeah. I have fun playin' video games, playing a lot of Fortnite. I've been golfing and I just bought an RC car so I've been driving that around.

Do you have a track for the RC car in your backyard as well?

Yeah, we just started building an RC car track.

What was it like for you to win four championships last season at Mini Os to end your campaign on the 65?

It was definitely one of those races where I wanted to go out with a battle and sweep everything. I was happy with winning the four titles for sure and it was a fun week.

So how has it been now just focusing on the 85 only where you're not switching back and forth between two bikes?

It's definitely been a lot easier for me. I feel like it was a struggle for me to be good on the 85 when I was riding the 65 too. It was a lot of back and forth.


How did the beginning of the season go for you this year so far? Did you do any Supercross Futures out in California?

I did three Supercross Futures and they went pretty well. I'm pretty sure I got 1st in the older 85 class at Anaheim II and Oakland and a couple of 2nd places.

What did you think of the tracks this year?

Yeah, they were pretty technical but not as I expected. It wasn't that bad, I don't think, it wasn't that challenging really.

How'd the weekend of racing go for you at Spring A Ding Ding this year?

Spring A Ding (Ding) went pretty well for me. I got 2nd place in my age group and the older kids were pretty fast so I didn't finish as well as I wanted to in those classes.

Your results improved from the first moto to the second moto in those older classes, did you learn a lot being out there on the track with them?

Yeah, just from being behind them and learning their lines and getting that track time out there helped a lot.

What do you think of the depth of competition in the 85cc (9-13) and Mini Sr. classes this year?

Yeah, it's definitely gonna be hard but I'm gonna give it my all.


What do you think about the track down there at Underground?

I like it a lot. It might be one of my favorite tracks because of the jumps.

What's your opinion on what might happen with Loretta's this year?

I think it's definitely gonna be different. I think it's still going to be good if they do it, but it just might be a little different. Plan C will be cool for kids that haven't gone 'cause there would be like a big qualifier.

What're your goals and expectations for the classes you'll be racing at Loretta's this year?

My expectations for Loretta's is to be on the podium every moto and just be consistent.