What’s your name and where are you from?

JD Lucero. Born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado.

What classes do you race?

Last year JD raced the (4-6) class on the Cobra Jr and the 50 Open class on the Cobra FWE. This year JD is racing 51cc (7-8), 51cc Open, and 65cc (7-9).

How did you get into motorcycles?

One day, his mom and I were sitting in the living room and JD walked in and said “I want to be a dirt bike racer!” The same week I went out and bought him a KTM mini. The very next weekend, we went straight to the first race as I believe in trial by fire. JD said “my dad.”

Tell us about your first race.

His first race was an exhibition race, called Winter Combat, in Colorado Springs at Aztec Raceway. He sent a tabletop jump, cleared it and crashed pretty hard but got back up and finished the race. We hugged on the side of the track as he cried and we talked about never giving up. JD said “It was Aztec. I was sitting down and I jumped something and I flew over the bars. I was 5 1/2 years old."

What other sports do you like?


Describe a typical day at the track for you.

JD said “It’s fun and exciting!” with no further elaboration.

Favorite meal to have before you race?

Frozen pizza.

Best moment on a motocross bike?

Racing at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National. 

Best road trip story.

Driving to Loretta Lynn Ranch in Tennessee and going to the “The Big Texan” in Amarillo, Texas.

What’s your favorite track to ride?

Freestone Raceway and Loretta Lynn MX.

Who is your favorite professional racer and why?

Haiden Deegan because “he’s a crazy kid.” Funny back story about this, I told JD he could meet Haiden Deegan at Loretta Lynn’s so JD went and qualified for it and was able to get his autograph while we were there.

Who would you like to thank for helping you out?

“My dad” that’s me 🙂