Noah Viney has been consistently putting himself towards the front of the field in the 85cc classes throughout the last few years, recording strong results at most of the high-profile races over the course of the season. The Rides Unlimited BTO Sports Amateur Racing backed rider rose to the occasion in the latter stages of 2019 as he captured a number one plate at Mini Os, providing him with a massive confidence boost coming into the new season. Viney had some success at a few of the Supercross Futures rounds out on the west coast and was primed for a good result at Spring A Ding Ding, but an incident with another rider during the first motos sidelined him with a knee injury and he was forced to miss the remainder of the event. The Californian has been focused on improvement during the lockdown, training at his own property in Murrieta as well as the nearby Deegan Compound while under the guidance of Caleb Tennant. We had a quick chat with Noah to get his perspective on winning a number one plate at Mini Os, competing on the weekend in MX Simulator, and getting into airsoft battles.


What've you been doing during the quarantine to stay active?

Usually, we ride at my track twice a week and then one day we'll go ride like a riverbed or ride at Haiden Deegan's track.

Have you toned down your off the bike training or kept up the same program you'd normally do?

It's pretty much the same. We have a little gym in our backyard and in the morning, I usually do a twenty-minute bike ride and a workout session out there.

What have you been doing during the downtime to keep yourself entertained?

Every Sunday and Wednesday, there are MX Simulator races. My friend (that stays) at my house plays on Wednesday and does the pro race and on Sunday I do the amateur race.

What license do you have right now and how have your results been recently?

I have a B license right now. Most of the time I get t-boned 'cause I take other people out, so they target me. (laughs)

You mentioned riding at the Deegan's track. What's it like for you training with him and being able to ride at their compound?

Yeah, their tracks are definitely pretty good. I like riding with Haiden because it makes me push more. When Caleb Tennant (my trainer) puts him behind me I have to try a lot harder to keep him there.

How long have you been training with Caleb Tennant and how's that going?

I started working with him about a year ago. He's really good and he's really excited all the time, ready to do stuff and never tired. He's taught me good technique and he's a really good trainer.


What would you say is the biggest thing he's helped you with in the past year?


You were a part of an airsoft war that the Deegan's did for their YouTube channel. Was that as fun as it looked?

Yeah, it was pretty fun. I got hit a couple of times but I didn't call the shots 'cause I wanted to keep on playing in the round. (laughs)

How did Mini Os go at the end of last season from your perspective? You had a good end to the season last year with a title on the outdoor track.

Yeah, the reason we don't race supercross there is because they have forty kids in it. If you don't get a good start, most likely you're gonna get landed on. But I was pretty friggin' happy, that was a big challenge to win that title. It took a lot of years to get that and I was really happy with it. On the start, it was perfect -- I got the holeshot, I was leading, 2nd and 3rd were trying to catch up and one went down then they hit each other. Then that was kind of it, I was just gone.

Were you able to get any Loretta Lynn Qualifiers or Supercross Futures races in at the beginning of the year?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I got two Loretta Qualifiers in and I did all of the west coast Futures pretty much. They went pretty good, but the first round before that race I dislocated my shoulder,  I had some problems with it. When I was riding, I was kind of afraid of it popping out so that was an issue where I didn't ride as fast as I could. The next round I was afraid of the whoops, but I did really good at Oakland. I won everything except for the Supermini class.


It seems like the tracks were a bit more challenging this year at the Supercross Futures rounds, is that what you thought?

The one at Glendale, those whoops were like really long and they'd just get cupped out. It was definitely a lot more technical than the other years, the jumps were bigger and you had triples and stuff. The rhythms were peakier which is a lot better.

How did Spring A Ding Ding go for you this year?

Well, the first moto of the weekend I went out and got a bad start and it was also muddy which I wasn't that good in. I wasn't really pushing it, I felt like and then the next one a kid went down in front me and I just washed out, so that one was my bad. Then my last moto of the weekend, I was coming into the turn before the big triple in the back and the same kid as the last moto went over the bars, his bike flipped over and hit my knee and that one hurt. In the end, I was getting good lap times and stuff but when I came off the track my knee was all swollen and it hurt to walk on, so I didn't race my other motos. It was swollen up for like three weeks, but it's feeling better now.

What're your thoughts on the track down there at Underground?

The track's definitely awesome. It's one of my favorite races, 'cause I like the jumps there. The ruts are always prime and the fast kids go there.

What do you think might end up happening with Loretta's this season and have you figured out what your plans will be for the end of the year?

I don't think there will be a race, but they said they're going to have it on a video game or something, so that's good. I don't know what my plans are for next year yet, I'm just focused on right now.