What’s your name?

My name is Natalie and I’m a single mom of five.

Where are you from?

I’m from Southern California.

Who is(are) your rider(s)?

Amari Arnold #224 is my main rider. My 7-year-old, DeAndre, also races/rides locally.

How long have you been a moto mom?

I have been a moto mom since we have started this sport, three years ago!

Were you into motorcycles before becoming a moto mom?

We were all new to motocross. Amari wanted to try it out so we did, and loved it! To think I actually thought tackle football was expensive and dangerous.

Describe a typical race weekend for you.

Typical race weekend: wake up about 4:30am, load the motorcycles in my pickup, leave the house with Amari, while my parents hold down the house, get to the track about 7am.  I prep the bikes with air and chain lube. We pray, then Amari does his thing. I am the “mechanic” and have my backpack at the starting gate with Amari. I broom his gate and set up his starting blocks. At the end of the day, we go home. We don’t camp because I don’t have a trailer or anything so even if we race both days we commute.

What’s your family’s favorite meal at the track?

Usually boiled eggs and peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions while spectating?

We pray beforehand. Asking God to protect Amari and the racers with his mighty angels.

Most nerve-wracking moment watching your kid(s) race/ride?

We were at his very first race, we didn’t know what we were doing. He had kneepads on the outside of his pants and we wondered why everyone had brooms, lol! So we were at the gate and I told Amari to have fun and go fast, he did and ended up letting go of the bike in the air-about 12-/15 feet up in the air and landed on his back!  Cahuilla is a giant track and it was the longest run of my life. Thank God he was ok and was crying mostly because he was third and now last. Smh! Needless to say, we got a trainer to teach him how to ride after that.

Favorite part about being at the track?

I love spending time with Amari. It has brought us closer since it is one on one time. Its been rad watching him progress.


Favorite and least favorite part about traveling to the races?

Fave part is spending quality time with Amari and experiencing life out of California. The worst part is I have a pickup, so I’m always paranoid my MX will be stolen.

Craziest travel story?

We went to Spring A Ding last year. I bought a breakfast burrito from the food truck and ended up super sick and dizzy from it. I’m pretty sure all the staff thought I was hungover! I tried to make it through to the end, but the second day, Amari had to miss his first two motos. I felt so horrible but I couldn’t function.

The most important lesson motocross teaches at a young age.

Motocross teaches so much! Responsibility, dealing with frustration, work ethic, sportsmanship, bravery, and speech (when you podium).

What’s your secret to getting all the dirt stains out of riding gear?

I honestly don’t have time with so much going on at home! I just wash. If the dirt stains, oh well, at least they smell good. Ha!

Proudest moment of your career as a moto mom thus far?

Amari started racing and would be close to last place. Now, three years later, he was second place at the kicker Arenacross National Championship! Its been such a joy watching him get closer to the front and just be happy with all his moto buds.

What’s your favorite track?

My favorite track is a private track called Hemet SX, second is Fox Raceway.

Who is your favorite pro racer?

I’m Team Tomac!!

What is your favorite genre of music?

I love most music. I’m a big Elvis fan though.

What is your favorite movie/tv show?

Fave movie is Tommy Boy.

What is in your red solo cup?

Solo cup either has water or Coca-Cola.

Any advice for the moto moms of the future?

Future moto moms! Its a struggle to be the only parent sometimes. You have to push your child, but also just be there to be proud of them. Motivation is key. Changing oil is easy. Spark plugs should be checked too! Always try and learn something new about the bikes. I have found that I’m capable of problem-solving and fixing things at the track! Most important is to build your child’s confidence. They will go far with that. Best job in the world! Wouldn't change it!