What’s your name?

Kristi Samples

Where are you from?

Ft. Worth, Texas

Who is(are) your rider(s)?

Codee Samples

How long have you been a moto mom?

Twelve years

Were you into motorcycles before becoming a moto mom?

Just barely, his dad introduced me to motocross. I didn't get really involved until Codee started riding.

Describe a typical race weekend for you.

Grocery shopping, gear washing, packing, budgeting, entry fees, more grocery shopping, and ENJOY THE RACES!!!!

What’s your family’s favorite meal at the track?

Codee loves pasta the night before a race.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions while spectating?

Codee always takes the time to pray before a moto, either with his dad or alone. His step-mom and I always say a prayer while he is on the start.

Most nerve-wracking moment watching your kid(s) race/ride?

THE START!!!! No matter how many times he races, the start will always be the most nerve-wracking. My heart beats so fast and I can barely watch -but I sure won't take my eyes off of him either.

Favorite part about being at the track?

The environment -so many families coming together to support their kids doing what they love. Most families will go out of their way to help another rider and it's simply heart warming. Codee loves having his dad, his step-mom, and me all at the track cheering for him. It's even better when his brother and sister can be there!

Favorite and least favorite part about traveling to the races?

Favorite part is seeing Codee light up knowing he gets to ride. It is truly his passion and he is improving every time he gets on the bike. My least part is some of the very long drives. I think the longest we drove was 33 hours straight to get to Washougal MX for a qualifier one year.

Craziest travel story?

That would be the same trip to Washougal. His dad was driving and I was sitting up front. Codee was asleep in the back. He had to be not more than 4 years old. His dad quietly opened a jolly rancher. Codee instantly popped his head up and said, "I smell sugar." 🙂

The most important lesson motocross teaches at a young age.

I believe the most important lesson it teaches is dedication and not to give up. It takes a lot of dedication to this sport from the entire family, and the rider to continue to improve. As long as the family and rider have that dedication and don't give up, the outcome will be a positive one along with a lifetime of amazing memories.

What’s your secret to getting all the dirt stains out of riding gear?

Shout and not wearing white gear until they get older.

Proudest moment of your career as a moto mom thus far?

There are so many but I have to say the year Codee won Loretta Lynns in 2012. He came off the track after the last moto crying because he didn't think he won. His dad told him he won the overall. The smile on his face was one that I will NEVER forget. He was so proud of himself

What’s your favorite track?

Loretta Lynns, Hurricane Mills, TN

Who is your favorite pro racer?

Chad Reed

What is your favorite genre of music?


What is your favorite movie/tv show?


What is in your red solo cup?

Ummmmmm -:)

Any advice for the moto moms of the future?

Have faith, patience, and enjoy every moment you have. It's about these kids staying safe and having fun while they can.