What’s your name?

Kelly Bridger-Potashnick

Where are you from?

Sikeston, MO

Who is(are) your rider(s)?

Jackson Potashnick #16 Vivian Potashnick #116

How long have you been a moto mom?

About five years

Were you into motorcycles before becoming a moto mom?

Yes, I’ve always liked motorcycles and ATVs.

Describe a typical race weekend for you.

Jackson, Vivy, Sammy (dad), Max (Mechanic/rider) and I usually load up in the motorhome and drive to the track and set up. Max handles everything with the bikes all weekend while Sammy and I make sure everything else runs smoothly. The kids usually play while I get food going, Max getting the bikes dialed in and Sammy makes sure they are signed up for whatever class they are running. Then we try to enjoy being at the track and having fun making memories!

What’s your family’s favorite meal at the track?

Chicken tacos

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions while spectating?

No, we try to not start any of that sort of thing just because I don’t ever want to bring any added anxiety to anyone so it’s best to go with the flow!

Most nerve-wracking moment watching your kid(s) race/ride?

Usually, the start of every race because everyone wants their kid to get the holeshot and not wreck. Our boy is pretty good on his starts so each time I’m excited but nervous at the same time!

Favorite part about being at the track?

All the good food and activities.

Favorite and least favorite part about traveling to the races?

It’s not terrible if you’re in a motorhome so I’d say mostly just the time it takes getting there.

Craziest travel story?

We drove all the way to California this past May for thirty-two days and we had a blow out on our trailer when we left a track one afternoon on the 210 at 5:00 pm on a Friday. Some guy drove up and honked at us going down the road and told us so we finally got able to pull over and get it changed after 20 minutes!

The most important lesson motocross teaches at a young age.

Nothing comes easy!

What’s your secret to getting all the dirt stains out of riding gear?

Power washer

Proudest moment of your career as a moto mom thus far?

Almost every time my son is on the track watching how much he’s grown as a rider and as a person!

What’s your favorite track?

Fox Raceway

Who is your favorite pro racer?

Vince Friese and the 722

What is your favorite genre of music?


What is your favorite movie/tv show?

Pretty Woman

What is in your red solo cup?


Any advice for the moto moms of the future?

It doesn’t get any easier watching your kid out there and worrying about them but it does get more fun!