Motocross or Supercross? Supercross, there’s nothing better than flowing around an SX track

Loamy or Hardpack? Loamy dirt for sure, for a Cali kid I’m a good rut rider.

Left or Right? Right, because it’s the right way.

Drive or Fly? Fly, I’ve spent so much time in a car going to the amateur races so flying is still new and fun for me

Xbox or Playstation? Xbox is what I currently have

Mac or PC? PC because you can’t play MX Sim on Mac

Call of Duty or Fortnite? Fortnite all day only because I’m a god at it and COD is way too hard

MX Simulator or Mx vs. ATV Reflex? Reflex, same deal I’m the goat at Reflex and I’m trash at Mx Sim

Tacos or Burritos? Burrito only because every time I eat a taco it falls apart and makes a mess

Cake or Pie? Pie, I’m not a big cake or pie person out of all of them I’ll only eat pumpkin

Chicken or Steak? Chicken everyday

Burgers or Hot dogs? Burgers because hot dogs are just nasty

Coffee or Tea? Coffee 100% I make 1-2 coffee trips a day

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi because the can is cool and I can’t tell a difference in taste

Road bike or Mountain bike? Mountain bike I’m a big downhill send guy



Snowboard or Ski? Snowboard, I actually haven’t done either but I like snowboard videos

Ferrari or Lambo? Ferrari, just so I can say hop in the ‘rari

F1 or NASCAR? F1, the tracks are cooler and the tension is higher

MotoGP or MXGP? MXGP I’m a dirt bike kid

Two-Stroke or Four-Stroke? 4-stroke

Corners or Jumps? Jumps I’m just starting to be able to whip

Rhythm or Whoops? Rhythms, the whoops are still a rough go

Whips or Scrubs? Whips, I can’t scrub

Clay or Sand? Sand, clay gets super hardpack when dry

Wheelies or Stoppies? Wheelies, I like to drag fender

Loopout or Endo? Loopout, endos scare me

Hot or Cold? Hot, I hate the cold

Snow or Rain? Rain, if it’s snowing I’m going inside

Night or Day? Daytime, I’m scared of the dark

Tomac or Roczen? Roczen, I love the style