One of, if not the most highly anticipated classes of the event, the Open Pro Sport division delivered once again for the 2020 Amateur National Championship at Loretta Lynn’s. It appeared to be a bit top heavy in comparison to year’s past, but make no mistake about it; everyone in the field, could absolutely be categorized as “elite” when riding the motorcycle. It was in the early moments of the week, that the initial call to congregate would arise in the starting area. Names like Stilez Robertson, and Mason Gonzales, made their forward once drawing their respective starting chip. As the thirty-second board would go sideways, in the blink of an eye the field would storm into turn number one, hitting the consecutive left-handed bend(s) hard on the throttle. The Yamaha of Gonzales would head toward the pinnacle of the field, forcing everyone behind him to “level-up” as well. Flying through ruts of all kinds, it seemed as though every line he placed the chassis into, would in return grant a flow of successful outcomes. Yet it was Robertson, the newest Rockstar Husqvarna signee, who appeared to be the rider on the move; surging forward during the opening circuits. Scouring the track for a pivotal way around, Stilez would make the pass stick on lap number six; never once looking back, as he sprinted to the checkered flag. The number ninety-three would ride in a sensational manner to finish the eleven lap series (finishing second), and California’s Dilan Schwartz would fight hard for third place tally at the stripe. As the field would commence once again, it was Gonzales once more, showcasing his stellar starting technique. He yearned to establish a sustainable lead over his fellow combatants, and would do so past the halfway point. It was here, where Stilez Robertson attempted to grab the lead from Gonzales; volleying forward, with one final effort on lap eleven. It was to no avail, and the final listing of podium implications would be Gonzales, Robertson, and Preston Kilroy, third. The Yamaha militant would again, take the green flag in stride for the last moto of the week. And Robertson understood, that it was now or never in regard to taking the championship once and for all. The battle would come to a boiling point on lap five, when Robertson knew he couldn’t wait any longer. Sliding past the Yamaha with certainty, he would do what was necessary to take the outright win. The championship was his for the taking, with Mason Gonzales registered in second, and Dilan Schwartz labeled as the final competitor on the podium.

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